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Merley42 11-22-2018 01:21 PM

My hedgehog died thismorning :(
I have been a hedgie mama for 2 years now to Izzy. On Nov 4th we adopted Peppa,( for a fee) she never quite seemed right. She was an older hedgehog who had been used to breed. She was active and happy when we picked her up but once we got her home we discovered that her poops were very runny and she smelt really bad. I waited to take her to the vet to see if it had to do with the change of environment. I guess not and now its too late. Thismorning I found her dead in the cage. We are devastated. She was the cutest little thing, happy, busy and curious but tired. I believe the breeder knew she was sick when she gave her to us. The hedgehog I originally picked out had already found a new home but she knew I wanted another one. Im not looking to blame although I do feel I was screwed. I just wanted to vent because all you hedgie folk will understand! Im just hoping that Izzy hasn't been affected by this. They were sharing a habitat and the breeder knew that this was my plan.
We miss her already!!!

belties 11-22-2018 10:21 PM

Sorry for your loss.We lost one of our old dogs this week. Always a sad day,they all become a part of the family.

Draenog 11-25-2018 12:23 PM

I'm so sorry for your loss. :(

I know it's too late for it now, but in case you are planning on getting another hedgehog in the future: when aquiring a new animal one should always quarantine them in a separate room for at least one month before letting them interact with other animals. Wash hands and change clothes between holding sessions with the new and old animals.
Hedgehogs are solitary animals and don't need a "friend", so your little Izzy is likely better off alone and I wouldn't worry too much about her being affected by it, if it helps you feel any better.

Merley42 11-27-2018 07:19 PM

thank you
Thankyou Draenog, I didn't so much mean affected as in lonely, but affected as in health. I was clear about my intentions to have them together and I wish the breeder had given me the advice you just did. Im keeping a close eye on Izzy, Im a little paranoid now!!

shetland 11-28-2018 04:26 AM

I am so sorry for the loss of your little one.

Gabby56 11-28-2018 07:21 AM

I am so so sorry for your loss. If I were you I would complain to the breeder for a refund .. not because of money value but the principal and so they think twice before selling an I'll hedgehog and not giving correct information again. That's awful and it made me angry reading it . I'm sure your other little one will be find though 🙂

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