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chocothehedgie 10-16-2018 01:12 PM

New Hedgehog Owner
Hello everyone! I’m a new hedgehog owner, I got my hedgehog Choco (male hedgie), about 1 week ago. He just turned 8 weeks old when I got him. At first he was prettyyyy scared of me...like all the time. At one point he bit me (but that’s my fault because I forgot not to use scented soap and he smelled the flowery smell...he sniffed, licked, and bit enough for me to be surprised but not enough to hurt). As of now though, he’s more relaxed with me. He still huffs and puffs when I try to pick him up but once I do, he’s fine with me and lets me pet him and he even sleeps on me (sprawled on his side as well haha). However, I’m still afraid to actually hold him with my bare hands cause of the biting incident, and also because everytime I bring my hands close to him his spines go up. I usually hold him with an old shirt that has my scent, and that makes him 100x more relaxed really fast. Is it okay to go slow when holding him? Like gradually going from using an old tshirt to holding him with my bare hands? I’m still a little hesitant cause he’s also quilling so he’s a little more grumpy than usual 😕. Also...when I hold him in the old shirt and cuddle him to my chest he kinda twitches and makes sounds like he’s sneezing, but his spines are down and he’s pretty relaxed. Usually it lasts for a couple of seconds and then he falls asleep. What is that? Thank you in advance for the answers!! Any advice would be REALLY appreciated! I’m already pretty attached to him even if it’s only been a week....he’s so darn cute!

SquirtleSquirt 10-16-2018 04:04 PM

Do what is comfortable for you. If you think you can't handle going straight to using bare hands take your time and slowly transition. My boy still puts his quills up when he sees my hand but relaxes once he smells that it's me. By the twitching does it kind of look like hiccuping? If it is, that just means he's content.

lilyluna 10-16-2018 10:15 PM

It’s totally fine! I only became comfortable with the whole bare hands thing 2 weeks into having Lily, and my boyfriend still uses a shirt sometimes because he was bitten by a grumpy quilling Lily... twice! Gloves are discouraged, but old clothes and towels that bear your smell are fine.

The clicking/hiccuping/twitching are usually signs that they feel comfortable, so congrats!

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