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lilyluna 10-02-2018 03:28 AM

How to clip her nails?
Hi! Lily is at the peak of her quilling (some days I wake up to an explosion of quills which make we wonder if I only really have one hedgie), and she’s nothing but a grumpy monster :-( last night, she bit my boyfriend, and today, she bit me! Both times, she drew blood! She’s never bit us before, so both of us are currently emotional wrecks over what happened.

Her biting my boyfriend is actually his fault because he hasn’t seen her for a few days and he thought it would be a good idea to hand feed him meal worms.

She bit me when I was trying to clip her nails which have become really long, which I attribute to her not wheeling as much recently, in addition to quilling.

So, my question: do you hedgie parents clip their nails when they’re quilling, or do you wait for the quilling to cease before you cut them? The last time I cut her nails (3ish weeks ago), she didn’t mind, now she’s biting, and it’s honestly making me feel sad. :-(

Thanks in advance!

Ria 10-03-2018 07:19 PM

I dont know how much quilling affects with cuttiing nails apart from the hedgehog being more grumpy
Anyway if they really need triming then do trim them, you dont want them curling
Did you do anything differnt the first time to this time, maybe held her different soshe felt a bit unsafe this time, or maybe you held her too tight. Alsso smell if your used differnt soap or a spray you dont normally use its an unfamilair smell and it intriges her or threatens her this could cause her to bite.

To be honest I dont know THAT much, but I do know hedgehogs dont bite very much.

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