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AstroPenguin 10-15-2017 01:30 PM

Hedgehog Squealing and Coughing
So my hedgie is about 3 months old and she sleeps with me (in the same blanket) while I do my studying on the computer. Today, as she was sleeping inside the blanket on my legs, she moved around for a second and then squealed/screamed for a short time (half a second at least). Then, I suddently took her out and she started walking around and kinda coughing, but it was like grasping for air. I think she suffocated but it's not likely as I check on her like every 5 minutes. Maybe it was a nightmare? I don't really know, we always do the same thing and nothing happens. She is now fine, it was very quick and she's sleeping again like usual. Should I be worried?

Marissa90 10-18-2017 01:06 AM

The same thing happened to me with my hedghog the second week I had her home. I rushed to get her because the noise freaked me out but when I grabbed her she was perfectly fine and acted as if I had just woke her up. I thought the same exact thing.....a nightmare??? But do hedgehogs even have nightmares? Lol. When it happened to me I just made sure to keep a close eye on her after. Her eating, drinking, pooping, temperature, temperament, checked all of her body parts to make sure nothing was hurt. And she was perfectly fine for the next few days I was watching her. Nothing was wrong.

I would say just do the same thing as it?s all you really can do, monitor them closely just to be on the safe side!

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