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HedgeHogKid 04-23-2012 04:42 PM

What should I know before I adopt a hedgehog?
I have somebody in my class who has a hedgehog, and is looking to give it a new home. What should I know before I adopt it?

DasIgelPoggie 04-23-2012 05:47 PM

Re: What should I know before I adopt a hedgehog?
There is a lot to know about hedgehogs before making a commitment to one-- there are "stickies" (important comment threads) in each section, I would suggest you read them all. There's a LOT of info on this site, it's a great resource. :)

raerysdyk 04-23-2012 05:49 PM

Re: What should I know before I adopt a hedgehog?
DasIgelPoggie is right, there is a TON of information available on the site! Read, read, read! Haha, I feel like I'm still learning, and Brillo is turning a year soon. :) If you maybe listed a few specific questions, we could help you out!

coribelle 04-23-2012 05:51 PM

Re: What should I know before I adopt a hedgehog?
Just in case you can't figure it out (I couldn't), you can get to the stickies by going to the top of the page and clicking the "Board Index" link, which will take you to the home page where you can see a bunch of different topic sections. The stickies are located first under each of the topics after you click on them, and have little exclamation points next to them. They are so so super helpful!

Enjoy reading! (:

abzx10r 04-23-2012 06:57 PM

Re: What should I know before I adopt a hedgehog?
I'll just say this because I'm a new owner...I didn't stop reading/researching for 3-4months before getting mine and I'm still learning so much! Hedgehogs aren't like getting a betta fish, they need a lot of love and respect! Read,read,read and make sure to ask anyone on here questions! I know I have & I will keep asking :mrgreen:

Best site on the net :mrgreen:

moxieberry 04-23-2012 07:11 PM

Re: What should I know before I adopt a hedgehog?
Yes, read a lot. Ask any question that comes to mind. Hedgehogs have a number of very specific requirements, so you can't assume that anything related to their care is "normal" in comparison to other small animals. For instance, they can only use certain kinds of wheels, cages usually need modifications to prevent climbing, they need a heat set-up to keep the cage in the correct range, and they have specific diet needs that aren't going to be filled by a commercial, store-bought food meant for hedgehogs. All of that is just skimming the surface, too. Good luck!

HedgieGirl519 04-23-2012 07:50 PM

Re: What should I know before I adopt a hedgehog?
There is A LOT that you need to know before getting a hedgehog. They aren't an easy pet to care for, they take a lot of work, care and money.

Here's things that I can think of off the top of my head.

1. You need to know that they can live for over 5 years. Can you make that commitment?
2. What will you do if you are allergic to the hedgehog?
3. Do you still live at home (it seems like you do)? Will you're parents 100% for sure let you have a hedgehog?
4. What will you do when you go to university? If you live in a dorm, you can't take the hedgie. Not all apartments allow pets.
5. Do you live in a city where hedgehogs are legal to own?
6. Can you afford to keep a hedgehog? You NEED to have AT LEAST $300 set aside for vet bills. This is a MUST.
7. Do you have an exotic vet who is experienced and KNOWLEDGEABLE about hedgehogs?

Hedgehogs need a cage that is at least 4 square feet (2 feet x 2 feet). That is the minimum. Do you have space for this size of cage? Can you afford to buy a cage? If the hedgehog comes with a cage it will most likely be too small or dangerous. The cage must have a solid bottom (no wire bottom) and the bars should run " I " not " __ " (Vertical not horizontal)

Hedgehogs NEED their cage to be at 73-78 F (23-25 C) all the time. You will need to have a heat source to keep the cage this temperature. You're option are a space heater or ceramic heat emitter. Will your parents allow you to run these 24/7? They can be a fire hazard, especially a space heater. I personally would never use a space heater, because they aren't supposed to be used while no one is home or while you sleep. A space heater will be around $40-$60, can you afford this? For a ceramic heat emitter you need the following items:

-Clamp Lamp 10 inches: $20
-Ceramic Heat Emitter: $30-40
-Thermostat: $30-$40
Can you afford this?

You will also need at least one thermometer in the cage. The bigger the cage, the more you'll need. You need a digital thermometer, this will be around $10-$20. Can you afford this?

Hedgehogs need to be on a 12-14 hour light cycle. For this you will need a lamp or light on a timer. If you buy a lamp make sure it is bright enough to light up the whole cage, it must be plugged into a timer so it automatically turns on and off. The light has to be turned on during the day and turned off at night. So you would have the timer set to turn on at 8AM and off at 9PM. Can you afford a light and timer?

Hedgehogs need a special diet. Commercial hedgehog food isn't healthy and some brands are actually life threatening! You want to feed you hedgehog a mixture of 2-3 (or more) HIGH QUALITY DRY CAT FOODS. Each bag will cost $15-$30. Can you afford to pay $45-$90 for food? Once opened, cat food lasts for 6 months, if frozen it lasts for 12 months.

Hedgehogs are insectivores which means they eat insects. You will want to feet insects to you hedgehog. Never use freeze-dried insects. Buy live insects and either keep them live or put them in the freezer after buying. But never freeze-dried from the store.
Will you parents let you keep live bugs in the house?
Will you parents let you keep frozen bugs in the freezer?
Will you parents let you keep bugs in the fridge?
Can you afford to buy bugs

The most common are mealworms and crickets. Before freezing them, you'll want to gutload them with vegetables.

Hedgehogs MUST have a wheel. The ONLY safe wheel from petstores is the 12" Giant Comfort Wheel. Never use a Silent Spinner, Mesh or Wire wheels. These are dangerous. The most recommended wheels are the Carolina Storm Wheel and Carolina Storm Bucket Wheel made by LarryT on this website.
Comfort Wheel: $20-$30
Carolina Storm Wheel: $30 + Shipping
Carolina Storm Bucket Wheel: $25 + Shipping
Can you afford this?

Hedgehogs run on their wheels all night. If you get a Comfort Wheel they are loud. While they are running they poop and pee. The wheel will me caked in poop every morning, and will have to be cleaned everyday. Are you will to scrub hard poop of the wheel every single day?

The best and safest bedding for hedgehogs is fleece fabric. You can also use flannel, cotton, or other materials, but they must be sewn. If you use fleece you just cut it to fit the cage and put it in. You will want to have at least 2 liners so you can change them. When you wash the liners, you MUST you NON-SCENTED laundry detergent.
Will you be allowed to wash the liners? (Some moms don't like this)
Can you afford to buy non-scented laundry detergent? (Most people use scented)
Can you afford to buy fleece from a fabric store? $20-$50 or more

Any bedding that you buy from a pet store (carefresh, shavings) can carrying mites. If your hedgehog gets mites, you will need to take it to the vet and get Revolution (mite treatment). If you use shavings, never use cedar. Only use Aspen or KILN DRIED pine. Again, fleece is the MOST recommended bedding.

Other points:

1. Hedgehogs are nocturnal which means they sleep all day and are awake all night. During the day when you want to "play" with them, they will be sleeping.

2. Hedgehogs don't play with you like a dog, cat, ferret, rat, guinea pig, etc. They are basically like rocks that eat and poop.

3. Hedgehogs are solitary animals, they won't want or need your attention, like the above animals. (There are a FEW that do want attention, but not many).

4. Hedgehogs move around their cage a lot all night. If their cage is in your room you WILL hear them and you might not be able to sleep if you're a light sleeper.

5. At night, when the cage light is turned off, you need to be quiet. If you are making noise, the hedgehog won't come out and eat, drink, wheel, poo, pee, etc.

6. After the cage light is turned off, it has to stay completely dark. This means if the cage is in your room, you can't have your bedroom light on past 9PM (or when you shut the light off). If you are in your room, you will have to sit in the dark. Some hedgehogs won't even come out from a laptop screen light.

7. If you have friends over you will have to be quiet at night.

8. This hedgehog was probably not well looked after or well socialized. Socialization is important. It may NEVER warm up to you.

9. Hedgehogs require daily handling for at least an hour.

10. Vet bills are EXPENSIVE. And yes, hedgehogs do need to go to the vet, just like a dog or cat.

LarryT 04-23-2012 07:55 PM

Re: What should I know before I adopt a hedgehog?
Also the smell of fresh poop can be more than lots of people can handle while trying to sleep. Air purifiers can help, a good one is like $100 or so. :)

abzx10r 04-23-2012 09:26 PM

Re: What should I know before I adopt a hedgehog?
Hey two questions now for sure!

My hedgehog will not eat insects, I have tried two sizes of mealworms and 2 sizes of crickets...She still doesn't like them. I even let a couple crickets go in her cage thinking maybe she would chase them=they just died!

So my question is, since she won't eat insects; will a diet of a few types of high end cat food mixed in with fruits & veggies be enough or should I keep trying on insects??

Second question is, I don't have a heater on my cage, didn't know I should. Yet I keep my house at 72-76 degrees ALWAYS...We have a few breeds of animals that are on strick heating cycles aka 72-76 ALWAYS!

coribelle 04-23-2012 09:30 PM

Re: What should I know before I adopt a hedgehog?
You should at least have a digital thermometer in the cage at all times to monitor the temperature to make sure it is staying constant and at a good level (:

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