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JackieMackk 04-16-2012 09:23 PM

Second Hog
A girl at my school got a hog for Christmas, but didn't want it (hate pets as presents [even though technically alaska was christmas/birthday for me, i had done research and would have gotten one anyway, my parents just helped with the cost]) and is veryvery bored of the poor thing. I have no idea of living conditions, and Im guessing it hasn't been held much at all.
I believe it's female, though she rarely calls the poor thing anything other than 'it'.
I'm not really looking into having a second hog right now, though if it felt right when I meet it, I may take it in.
I was really looking into being a hog foster-mom just this once. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
I totally have no idea at all :?
Just feel bad and want to help!

Immortalia 04-16-2012 10:21 PM

Re: Second Hog
Your best bet would probably be to contact LG directly about this. She has more.... feelers out there to find homes quickly and efficiently, while assuring the little one will go to a good home. Especially since your family just acquired Charlie as well, you would really have to think about the extra responsibilities on top of all that, even if its for a short duration.

Even if you take the hedgie in as a foster, you'll still need all the supplies to keep them, as well as possible vet bills to check general health. It may be a few weeks - months before rehoming, depending on the condition of the hedgie, unless you also find a hedgehog savvy home. As you'd probably need to switch over food, work with the hedgie more to see how well they can be socialized, etc etc. You'll also have to have a quarantine room, to keep Alaska separated from the new one, which would mean a second set of heat source as well.

It's a great thing to care so much, but you also have to realize your limitations while you are still going to school, living with parents, etc etc. It took me nearly a year of being surrounded by cats and kittens that I finally decided I was going to adopt a second cat. You have to think of all the cons, and weigh them and see whether or not they are handleable. I'm pretty sure everyone here would be the dreaded pet hoarder if we had unlimited resources ;) I think I'd buy a huge farm, and clear out my local animal shelters :P

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