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Mimni 03-23-2012 10:28 PM

What should i do?
Leo is growing into a big boy and is staying awake more now. Which isnt a big problem but it is at night for me. His cage is on a table like thing in my room as that is the only place with great natural sunlight too. I know hedgehogs are awake mostly at night but Leo runs ALL NIGHT! Before he wouldnt as much so im guessing as hes growing older hes running more. Is there any thing i could do to help me sleep at night? He has the carolina wheel ( i think thats what its called) But its for sure 100% one of the safe ones so i dont want to switch wheels.

Lilysmommy 03-23-2012 10:37 PM

Re: What should i do?
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Is it his footsteps that you hear that's keeping you awake? Or is the wheel banging against something, or shaking the cage/table? Larry's wheels are typically completely silent if everything's set up right and they're greased and all that. If it's something on the wheel that's being noisy, I'm sure he'd be able to tell you how to fix it. If he's shaking the cage/table, you may have to move the cage to the floor, if that's possible, or see if you can stabilize the table or something? If it's just his footsteps, I'm not sure if there's much you could do to muffle it. Perhaps a white noise machine might help?

Mimni 03-23-2012 10:42 PM

Re: What should i do?
his wheel is perfectly fine no noise nothing. Its just his feet and he runs even faster now so it makes it worse haha

03-23-2012 10:48 PM

Re: What should i do?
i dont think you can make him run less, and changing his wheel wouldnt change the foot steps. Only thing you could do is move his cage out of your room or invest in some ear plugs.

Mimni 03-26-2012 02:52 PM

Re: What should i do?
So there is really absutuely nothing else?

03-26-2012 02:56 PM

Re: What should i do?
if its his feet on the wheel making the noise thats bugging you and not the wheel itself making noise there isnt much you can do.

I guess you could rig the wheel with fabric so that it was a softer noise but then it would need to be change daily since hedgies like to poop in their wheels. so might be more trouble then its worth.

Lilysmommy 03-26-2012 03:04 PM

Re: What should i do?
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It's hard to come up with any solution when it's his footsteps that are waking you up. The only things I can think of are moving his cage out of your room, getting a white noise machine or a fan (that doesn't blow towards his cage) to help mask the sound, or wearing ear plugs to bed so you don't hear him. I think trying to put any kind of liner on his wheel is going to be much more trouble than it's worth, and could pose a hazard to him - if it's not nice and tight-fitting, it could get a wrinkle that trips him up, or if it's anything but fleece, it could get loose threads to catch on his nails/toes/feet.

coribelle 03-26-2012 04:47 PM

Re: What should i do?
I live in Fl in a really old building, so here a dehumidifier is a must. I've found that the low hum from the machine makes a huge impact on both the smell AND noise. I sleep much more soundly with the white noise, and I can't hear anything hardly at all, save for food crunching. I would definitely try something like that out.

Rainy 03-26-2012 05:28 PM

Re: What should i do?
It sounds like your hedgie is adapting very well. Everything you described is completely normal. Is there another room you can move him into? I wouldn't do anything to impede his running because that is what hedgies do and it sounds like he's happy doing it too. I'm sorry your not sleeping well, but I'm really happy your little guy loves his wheel.

Mimni 03-27-2012 08:49 AM

Re: What should i do?
Yea im so happy leo is adapting and is all relaxed but man does he keep me up. I think ill get the humidifier into my room since i cant move him to any other room.

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