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Chas0915 03-11-2012 12:37 AM

Weight question on new hedgie not sure where to post
So we just got our hedgie and he is 3 months old as of a couple days ago. When I weighed him which he did very reluctantly he was only 196 g shouldnt he weigh a bit more he looks so skinny compared to the ones I see? They had him on Chicken soup for the cats soul and meal worms every now and then? We have continued these foods also but with some of the blue buffalo cat food mixing in a couple kibbles.

hedgieluv 03-11-2012 12:55 AM

Re: Weight question on new hedgie not sure where to post
Hi chas915,
Just for some comparison, I have a very small hedgie who is only 240 grams at 5 months. She is healthy and happy and wheels nightly. I keep track of her daily intake, which went down at about 4 months, but is still eating babycat, which is pretty high fat for a hedgie. She is active and cuddles with me at least an hour a day. She was the runt of the litter, she had two brothers who pushed her out of the igloo and she escaped 4 times at the breeders! She has never escaped since she has her own place, lots of heat, and her very own wheel.

I feed Persephone 20 friskies (which she was on from the breeder), 30 green pea and duck, and 40 babycat every night. I tried to add Innova, but she won't touch it. You might consider adding some different kibble. The Blue Buffalo is a good food, maybe add another good quality food for variety? I think it was Lizardgirl (correct me if I'm wrong) who cited a study that showed people ate more when they were offered multiple choices. Extrapolating that to hedgies, maybe offering more choices will help increase the amount they eat?

Good luck to you both! I hope your hedgie is thriving with your good care.

Chas0915 03-11-2012 01:03 AM

Re: Weight question on new hedgie not sure where to post
I guess being a new hedgie mommy has me on edge lol... he is still very new and wont let me watch him eat so I am not exactly sure which one he is grabbing more as soon as i go to watch him he runs back to his home... I think he is shy, altho when your holding him he doesn't really try curling up just tucks his head down for a second when u first pick him up which is nice

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