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PenelopePricklePants 02-10-2012 04:10 PM

New female hedgie owner....please help
I have had Penelope for about a week now. She has a cage with lots of warm blankets and a litter box, she also has a heating pad and a CHE light so it stays between 75-82 degrees on the "sleeping" side of her cage. I also bought her a large hedgie safe wheel and a ball to run around in. She is only 10 weeks old so is still quite small.

I've noticed a couple things which have bugged me a little and im just basically wondering if its normal behavior.

She sleeps A LOT and if you wake her she seems grumpy, I know they are mainly nocturnal animals but it seems like she sleeps all night to and now she isn't even sleeping in her castle anymore [ which she slept in for the first couple days and has cut up pieces of fleece inside for her to borrow in]. But the even weirder thing is she isnt even sleeping on the side with the heating pad anymore, but on the opposite side next to the poop box [which has Yesterdays News in it]...which brings me to the next thing

She is going to the bathroom everywhere but in the box. I clean up the cage every morning and put the waste in the box but it doesn't seem to be working...I even found a few pieces of waste in the castle...

and I noticed a lot of hedgie owners have males....is a female hedgie a little harder to work with?

jerseymike1126 02-10-2012 04:13 PM

Re: New female hedgie owner....please help
Ball is dangerous. Get rid of it. What is the wheel?

PenelopePricklePants 02-10-2012 04:16 PM

Re: New female hedgie owner....please help
The storm bucket wheel.
I haven't put her in the ball yet so I wont do that.

Lilysmommy 02-10-2012 04:18 PM

Re: New female hedgie owner....please help
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She sounds like she's too warm. She doesn't really need the heating pad, they're typically used for older or sick hedgies that need the extra warmth. I would take it away and see if she goes back to sleeping in her bed. For sleeping, that's typical. Babies sleep a LOT, so that's perfectly normal for her to be sleeping most of the time. Sometimes they do nothing but sleep, eat, and poop - just like human babies. :lol: Most hedgies are a tad grumpy upon being woken up, just like humans can be. What time are you getting her up? If it's during the day, that may be part of her grumpiness. If you're doing it in the evening/night to get her out for bonding time, don't worry about it. Keep doing it, around the same time every day if you can, and she'll get used to the schedule and come to expect you. Keep in mind that she may also be going through quilling right now, which will make her grumpier too.

For litter training, don't expect too much of her. Babies poop a lot and often will go everywhere. They also have less control over their bowel movements and may just go wherever they happen to be at the moment. She may catch on eventually and use her litterbox, she may never use it. Some are just messy and don't care where they go. Is the box underneath the wheel? That might help as well, since most hedgehogs potty on their wheel, even if they're litter-trained.

Just be patient with her and give her time. She's still learning everything right now, getting used to her new home, and quilling. All of that is overwhelming for a little one.

jerseymike1126 02-10-2012 04:19 PM

Re: New female hedgie owner....please help
Rest seems normal. Babies sleep a lot. Hedgies poop where they want, yours doesnt want to poop in the box. They are shy animals, more bonding with her should make her less grumpy. Get rid of the heat pad too, just use a ceramic heater

PenelopePricklePants 02-10-2012 04:27 PM

Re: New female hedgie owner....please help
Yeah I put the litter box next to the wheel but she is sleeping like under the wheel, she hasn't even got in it or anything yet. I've tried to put her in the wheel but she doesn't seem interested and just walks right back out...

another thing that kinda bugs me it that she doesn't like bugs :lol: well mealworms atleast...ive given her a couple and she either just ignores them or walks away....ive been feeding her cat food, only because that is what the breeder feed her. I have some hedgie food coming in the mail...will that make her happier?

Ive read a little about quiling...will there be any signs when she starts to go through it or just be a grumpy girl

Lilysmommy 02-10-2012 04:32 PM

Re: New female hedgie owner....please help
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Some of them just don't like mealworms, sometimes they just don't recognize them as food. Keep trying them, and try leaving them in a dish in her cage overnight. She may eventually figure out they're food. What cat food are you feeding her? And what hedgehog food did you order? Most hedgehog foods are no good and are even harmful. High quality cat foods are what's actually recommended to feed. With quilling, they'll lose a lot of quills, they'll be grumpier, and they may not want their back touched. An oatmeal bath can help soothe their painful skin a little.

I'd recommend you do some reading on the forums, especially all of the stickies. There's a lot of information in them that might be helpful to you. There's also a book written by one of our moderators that's great - http://www.hedgehogbook.webs.com/

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