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baby_hedgie 08-25-2016 01:00 AM

New hedgie mom! need some questions answered
Yesterday I became a proud owner of a Cinnamon Hedgie :)

Her name is Piper and she is about 6 1/2 weeks old.
I have a few questions that hopefully can be answered :)

Heating: This will be Piper's second night without a heat source,my home is usually around 74-76 degrees, I'm nervous about her going into hibernation. What would be the best heat lamp,thermostat,thermometer thats not overly expensive?

(Her cage is a big plastic storage container so would the heat of the lamp melt her cage?)

Quilling: Right now Piper is quilling,she is usually under the t shirt I put in her cage (so she can get used to my scent). But when I take her out from under the shirt she is usually in a ball form it takes her almost 5-10 minutes to fully walk around. Is that normal?

Baths:How do I make sure her belly is dry after a bath? I bathed her today and I was nervous putting her back in her cage because I couldn't dry her belly with her being curled up and all. she was not soaking when I put her in but I don't want to risk her getting sick!

That's it for my questions for now! :D

SarahBella97 08-25-2016 01:37 AM

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Heating- CHE is the best thing for our hedgies and what almost everyone uses. It's a heat lamp with a CHE bulb(this bulb is special because it doesn't emit light). The cheapest option is going on amazon. I ordered my thermometer (brand is zoomed) and thermostat ( brand is Zilla. Get the highest wattage in case you need 2 lamps). I had to purchase my ceramic heat lamp and CHE bulb at a store since I live in Canada and those things were hard to get on amazon. For melting the cage I'm not very sure since my cage is a C&C, but I know a lot of people use bins and a heat source. I'm sure someone will answer that for you:)

Baths- After I bath Pickles I place him in a towel making sure he's uncurled so the towel touches his belly. I find that making my hand flat with him on it causes him to uncurl. You haven't had your hedgie for long so she's probably just not used to you yet. It'll take some time so don't worry :) and after I wrap him up I sit with him for at least half an hour so he has some time to dry off a bit.

For quilling I can't answer since I haven't experienced it :/ I hope someone can answer that for you!

baby_hedgie 08-25-2016 02:14 AM

thank you so much!

Overquill! 08-28-2016 10:20 PM


Originally Posted by SarahBella97 (Post 894354)
Heating- CHE is the best thing for our hedgies and what almost everyone uses. It's a heat lamp with a CHE bulb(this bulb is special because it doesn't emit light). The cheapest option is going on amazon.!

Just a warning about buying cheap CHE or any cheap pet supplies at Amazon. Most are crap from China, ranging from useless garbage to dangerous. Don't buy from China. I bought two cheap CHE from a Chinese vendor, half the price of the name brands. One never worked at all, the other worked for about 10 minutes before shooting out sparks and almost burning my apartment down. CHE emit a lot of heat and the wattage is high, not something to buy cheap from China.

Re a tub and heating. You can cut the center part out of the tub lid and then attach heavy metal screen such as hardware cloth to the lid. You can either glue it with a glue gun or use cable/zip ties to tie it to the lid. Next, sit the lamp fixture on top of the screen. Or, you can get an adjustable arm from Zoo Med that holds the lamp further above the tub if you're worried about melting the tub.

I am not sure if heating from below is an option for hedgehogs, but you can get reptile heat tape and tape it to the OUTside or bottom of the tub using shiny silver electrical heat tape. (NOT the same as duct tape, looks like tin foil). I use this on the bottom of my snake's tub.

paige.alison 08-29-2016 08:49 PM

I am also using a tub for my Reggie. I got the tub from the breeder I got him from and he escaped twice because there were holes close to the lid that he could actually reach if he completely stretched out. I didn't put the lid on because if I did, then he couldn't have his heat. My dad made a homemade lid for him and he is no longer escaping. My point is that if your tub has holes, make sure to keep some sort of lid on it. ☺

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