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Old 04-06-2016, 02:25 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Random thought: expense!

I just had the most random thought chatting with my boyfriend the other day about our child (Teddy -- he is practically human at this point )

We were just reflecting on how expensive he has been. We've been with Teddy for about 6 months now and I believe he has pushed over $1,000 so far.

This is because of...
- vet bills
- so many types of food! Expensive 3 types of cat and dog food, wet cat food, meal worms, and baby food
- the cage, CHE (which was not cheap, easily over $100 for the highest quality!), also heating costs to keep the room at an appropriate temperature which is a lot when you consider how long winter is and the fact the hedgehog needs to be heated 24/7
- actually buying Teddy - he cost $250
- not to mention his toys, wheel, fleece, etc.
- we have storage boxes to keep his dirty fleece in, those were at least $10 each
- any speciality items like scent free laundry detergent (much more expensive than the regular stuff here) and scent free dish detergent that is eco friendly and non-toxic

I think a lot of people tend to view small animals as "cheap" and big animals as "expensive" and I hope anyone considering a hedgehog realizes how expensive they can be! He was worth every penny but they are definitely not cheap!
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I honestly think bettas are the only truly inexpensive pet.

And I agree with you. People are too quick to get a pet and not think of the real expense, they also forget about th time needed to care for them.
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I actually disagree, Artemis - getting a proper set up for a betta fish means at least a 5g tank, a heater, a filter, some silk plants, and a water testing kit (the one I got for my last betta was $35, though I didn't shop around). More than most people think of or are willing to put into a 2 inch fish! I firmly believe there are no cheap pets - only ones that people think are cheap because they don't realize what the animal truly needs in a set up, for food, enrichment, etc. The cheapest pet I can think of is probably tarantulas, which most people wouldn't want, interesting/pretty beetles & other insects (again, most people wouldn't want), and probably mice, only because you can use cardboard boxes, popsicle sticks, etc. for almost everything for them, and not have to buy much in the way of enrichment/enclosure furniture. But even they still need a decent sized tank (I think 20-30g is recommended for multiple females together?), a wheel, good food, bowls, water bottle, bedding....And they should be given vet care as well, despite the short lifespan.

I'm actually considering adding a sticky about vet costs to my list of things to work on. I was thinking about it a lot this week & last after what I've been spending on Pancake - $115 (should've been $160) for the emergency vet, $38 (should've been $78 or so, I had a credit on my account) the next day at my regular vet, and $70 for the most recent one yesterday. I know a common recommendation for vet funds is $200 and I firmly think it should be a minimum of $500 per animal. If I only had $200 vet fund, I would've already exceeded it, even with the discount from the e-vet & credit on my regular vet's account.
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Cheep-ish pet... Chickens. As long as you can salvage materials for a coop, go free range, use passive heat, and feed them from the garden and don't start from peeps.
OK maybe they aren't really cheep, or pets. But doing a cost comparison to gain, they can be cheep... Ha ha. Cheep... Chickens!!
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I've heard that chickens can be quite affectionate. So maybe they can be considered pets....

I feel I should mention I'm sitting here watching the dog let the roomba run into her. Even the roomba has a name, so if the robot vacuum can have a name and interact with the dog, chickens can probably be pets.

Moving on to the actual topic, good grief are pets expensive! I spent several hundred dollars on stuff for Nico in preparation for bringing her home. I didn't even pay for her! She was a gift from a friend. I've since spent untold sums of money on her. Everything from food to toys, to vet care. That's just the hedgehog! The dog was a rescue. A bargain for $50, although I donated extra to the rescue on top of that. And then immediately had to go buy dog stuff as I wasn't sure if I was bringing a dog home or not and had nothing. Yet more untold sums of money. Though frankly, if you don't count the cost difference in food I've probably spent more on the hog than the dog. My poor wallet.
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Oh boy...I don't even know where to start. I'm probably at 1000$ since I got Dumbles in the beginning of February. And he was free as he was the surprise offspring of my sisters adorable female. 250$ plus tax for his cage (Critter nation) 50$ on Coroplast to make mods for it. 80$ on food and treats(most of which he rejected). 200$ on toys and random stuff that he mostly never looks at. 90$ for CSBW with Canadian shipping. toothbrush/baby wash/ pet towel and other hygiene items is another 30$ . 90$ for a beautiful carry tote that I ordered online from WhimSewCool on Etsy. Space heater, got a good one to be safe and has a fancy thermostat and what not 150 & Snuggle sacks online is about 30$ worth. A 30$ Heating pad that I pitched after reading scary stories, A water bottle that I pitched on day 5 after seeing scary stories there's another 10$ matching food and water bowl set to replace the pitched bottle 20$...and the fleece...well I have a problem with being a bit excessive with the fleece. He has 10 different pattern already at 2 yards each some are licensed patterns that were really pricy...so that's about another 200$. That's well over 1000$ in 2 months and i'm sure I missed stuff. Honestly though...can't say I regret a single dollar
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Speaking of food cost...I meant to add that, as I keep meaning to make a mention of that on Bindi's diet thread. Right now, with the costs from ordering from Rainbow Mealworms, my monthly costs for her food are going to be around $75. A month. For a hedgehog. I spent less than that on the dog's monthly food! I'm planning to look around for where I can get better deals on some of the insects though, so hopefully that'll help!
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Ah Kelsey, have I told you lately that I love you? I feel like we must have been in sync yesterday brain wave wise.

One of my co-workers was talking about getting one of those betta bowls that has a plant growing in the top for the office. Kinda went into the same dialog you posted.

Back to hedgehog expenses. Doing things properly tend to be costly in just about anything. You can cheap out, but I often find the old saying "You get what you pay for" to be very accurate. And with all things, if it seems easy, you may need to re-examine what you are doing.

As to veterinary expenses, I recommend at least $500 just for veterinary expenses, but that number may be going up as the price of everything is going up.

The "nifty" thing about hedgehogs is much of what you purchase for your first, you can use with future hedgehogs. Cages, wheels, cage liners, blankets & beds will last a long time if you buy good quality stuff and you don't have an overly destructive hedgehog.

I had a bucket wheel that was in commission for a very long time, something like 13 or 14 years. I only de-commissioned it because it was a standard 5 gallon bucket width and I found some that were 12" so the kids all got upgrades.

Cage liners, I have some that are still in the weekly rotation that I know I made when Rose was alive (she died July 2011). Starting to thin, but still safe and usable. I'll likely decommission them soon and put them in the emergency use only pile.

A couple of the cuddle cups I made her just got decommissioned in the last couple of weeks. I think I made those in 2009, and they were still fine except "Mr. I must dig a lot", started to wear a hole in the bottom of them and I removed it before he did. Gotta make him a couple of new ones this weekend and maybe from a different fabric.
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ive had my Remy for not even a week and ive already spent like $500 on her. But she's worth every penny! <3

Remy - DOB: 2/22/2016
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Actually tarantulas cost more than most people realize. They can only eat live food, and crickets die so easily. It depends on whether it's a ground dwelling tarantula or tree dwelling. They need specific air moisture to molt properly. A botched molt almost always results in death. They can get cold really easily, just like hedgehogs, so need a heat lamp and a thermometer. You can't have a water bowl because they can drown, you need a moisture sponge.
The most common pet tarantula, the rosehair, the females live up to 25 years. It's a long term, detailed commitment.
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