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CanadianHedgie 10-14-2011 02:27 PM

6 mth-old unhandled Hedgies HELP!!
Hello All!
I am the proud, but very new, owner of Lola and MeatLoaf!! I purchased them from a guy who didn't really seem to have much knowledge about them and didn't EVER take them out of their cage (yes they were homed together). They are both female and seemed to get along fine when he first brought them to me, but after the 24 hr adjusting period in which I let them be in there new home, they started to hiss at each other, so I separated them and let them adjust again to their new homes.
It's been a week now and I have been trying to take them out of their cages and we have separate play times and one-on-one time together, but they both still seem to "hate" it. Lola is a bit more adjusted but still hisses and curls up A LOT, and MeatLoaf, well....she seems like a "lost cause" :( She NEVER wants to play, always is cranky, and hisses even when I walk in the room! I still am very consistent with play times and quiet time together though. Is this the correct thing to be doing?
Does anyone have any suggestions that may help calm them down?

sweetergrrrl 10-14-2011 09:49 PM

Re: 6 mth-old unhandled Hedgies HELP!!
Time and Patience are your best weapons.

Just put them in a snuggle sack when you have them out. You don't really need to handle them once they are in there, just let them sit and get used to your scent. :D

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