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Hedgehog Central began as a newsletter publication in June, 1994. By 1996 it was the newsletter for the International Hedgehog Fancier's Society, (now the IHA) the organization that introduced hedgehog shows to the world and brought hedgehogs from obscurity into the forefront of the domestic pet market. These pages were first created in 1998 as a comprehensive guide to owning and caring for the domestic hedgehog under the name, "Hedgehog Hobby." By January 2002, the "Hobby" site was generating in excess of 200,000 hits per month and still growing rapidly. It was at this point that Mr. Smith felt the need for these pages to have their own domain name - something that was easily recognized and representative of the work being done here.

Given the venerable history of the Hedgehog Central publication and its role in shaping the present day pet market and hobby, the decision to adopt the name Hedgehog Central as our new domain name was an easy one.

By the Autumn of 2004, HedgehogCentral.com was generating in excess of half a million hits a month and even more changes were required and the new look you see before you was born out of the necessity to keep pace with this site's popularity. This is not just a new "window dressing" for the Hobby site, however. No, it is much more than that!. We are now collaborating with more authors, more experts and more related sites in order to truly make this site a one-stop resource for hedgehog owners, breeders, rescuers and enthusiasts. Enjoy!

The articles found on this site are a compilation of works by the following authors:

Bryan Smith (Saskatchewan, Canada)
Noted hedgehog authority responsible for the bulk of understanding pertaining to hedgehog colour and one of the founding members of the IHFS and its replacement organization, the present day IHA

Sharon Massena (Washington State, USA)
Respected breeder and co-author with Smith of "The Pygmy Hedgehog - a perfect pet" as well as author of numerous articles for exotic magazines.
Sharon was responsible for organizing the first-ever hedgehog show in Tacoma, Washington in 1995, co-founder of the IHA and a long-standing pinnacle in the hedgehog community.

Sharon Massena

Julie Haynes
Director of the IHA and past moderator at Chins-n-Quills, Julie is well known and has always been active in the hedgehog community.


As time permits, more articles will be added to this site, covering even more aspects of hedgehog care.

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