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If you wish to update your Hedgehog Central breeder listing, please fill out the form below. If you have any problems completing the form, please email us the required information found below

Standard listing
These listings are free and are provided as a community service by Hedgehog Central.  You can include your name and herd name, contact information and a bit about yourself to a limit of 40 words.

Enhanced Listing
For a nominal $15 per year you get an enhanced listing that stands out from the rest.  Included with every Enhanced Listing you get a small 150 pixel wide photo or graphic on the breeder page, a 50 word description PLUS an introduction web page with up to 3 graphics (including your logo) and a description of your herd, etc with a maximum of 300 word 

If you would prefer an ENHANCED BREEDER LISTING, the fee is $15 per year
We will contact you after you have submitted this form for photographs and payment. We accept PayPal payments at this time.
Terms & Conditions: 

Completion of this form does not guarantee a listing on the Hedgehog Central Breeder's Page. We take customer complaints seriously and will refuse or remove those breeders who do not abide by basic business and breeder ethics. Breeder ethics are outlined on our Breeder Ethics page.
If you are a broker rather than a breeder, your listing will not be accepted, PERIOD. Please don't try. If we discover the truth, your listing will be removed without notice.  This is a BREEDER listing site, not a BROKER listing site. If we ever set up a list of brokers, your listing will be welcome.  Until then, we only accept listings from breeders who operate according to ethical, humane practices.
We make every effort to add listings as accurately as possible in a timely manner. Any errors or omissions are the responsibility of the listing breeder and should be verified for accuracy once the listing is up.

Justification for submission refusal is not required although it may be appealed. The ultimate decision, however, rests solely with Hedgehog Central. By submitting your application you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Breeder Type (*required)

If you selected "USDA Licensed" enter your license below:
(*required if licensed)

information on how to obtain a USDA License

Hedgehog Breeder Information
Breeder's Name: (*required)

(your name or herd name as it currently appears on the breeder listing)

Owner's Street Address: (*if changed, otherwise leave blank)

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Do you ship?
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Please make sure you have filled out as much information as
possible before submitting this form.
If any of the "required" form fields have not been completed, the submission will be discarded if no valid reason can be determined.

Thank You


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