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I think this is a great idea and a good place to start is looking up the recommended diet percentages for hedgehogs. kinda like our nutritional values hedgehogs usually need 5-15% fat 20-40% protein and 2% fiber all you gotta do is calculate it out. For example 4 oz of cooked chicken breast contains 23-24 g of protein and 1.5 g fat (my hedgehog loves chicken and I buy a lot so I could do this mixed with kibble) theres also Sweet potato cookies (no sugar with meal worms inside) that I make that contain about 4-5 g protein and 8g of fiber which with some mealworms would probably match the needs of Berko for the night.
the other questions (speculations) I see concerning Cancer is a question i get from a lot of people (I work for cancer specialists) The world today is wholly different than it was before cancer was known of in the 1970's. With pollution (also free radicals) and things giving off small doses of radiation like cell phones its dangerous for us humans who have more advanced evolved dna compared to animals. Especially animals kept as pets who are breeded into lesser forms of themselves (think all those tiny dogs). cancer effects mitochondrial DNA. Its more likely that a person and a hedgehog both will have a higher chance of cancer is their parents or other relatives have it..things like cigarettes (containing chemicals that effect DNA) and Cell phones (giving off small amounts of radiation) are the few outside sources. Most natural foods aren't able to affect you on a DNA level like these. It could be additives in kibble but its more likely that other enviromental factors effect pets (like if your dog drinks out of puddles who knows whats in there or if they're around someone who smokes like my cruel father who smoked 2 packs a day with two dogs (that got cancer) and made my eyes & skin turn yellow)
Don't be too scared of things like vaccines and higher quality kibble
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