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The breeder listings on this site are regularly updated and reviewed for accuracy. All breeders are required to follow the Breeder Code of Ethics as outlined on our Breeder Ethics page to help ensure you find the perfect pet from a reliable breeder.

If you find any broken links, returning email addresses or disconnected phone numbers, or if a breeder listed on our pages does not comply with basic ethical practices, PLEASE INFORM US IMMEDIATELY as we strive to keep this Breeder List the most accurate and complete list of hedgehog breeders from around the globe.

British Columbia

Happy Hedgies
Vanessa Martin
Chilliwack, BC


Our hedgehogs are from selective USDA licensed breeders from across the United States, bred for quality, temperament, health and color.We offer a variety of colors and markings from standard colors to unique markings like snowflakes, pintos, reverse pintos and facially pinto'd.Shipping is available within' Canada. WHS Lifetime Warranty.

Rob & Kristin
Mission, BC


We are a well established breeder located near Vancouver. Our hedgehogs live in a family environment and receive the best care possible. We breed for health and temperament to provide healthy prickly pets and we have hedgehogs year round in a variety of colors. Shipping across Canada.

Fraser Valley Hedgehogs
Denise Urbash
Chilliwack, BC


We are a newly established breeder from Chilliwack, BC. Our hedgehogs are bred first and foremost for quality, friendly temperaments and strong pedigree lines. Our hedgehogs are handled daily and treated as pets rather than just breeders.


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Heavenly Hedgehogs
Connie Crawford-Redman

Winnipeg, MB


I am a small hobby breeder of hedgehogs. My animals are healthy and well
socialized. Each hedgehog comes with a health guarantee and care sheet.
I am located in Manitoba, Canada. Please e-mail for availability and prices,
Shipping is available within Canada


Nancy Denny
Kingston, Ontario, Canada


I am a small hobby breeder located in Kingston, Ontario. I have been breeding since May 2004. Each baby comes with a hedgie bag and blanket, birth certificate, care and photo CD, 2-3 weeks worth of food and written warranty. Our babies carry a written lifetime replacement warranty against WHS. Anyone purchasing a baby receives a discount on my hedgehog bedding and wheels.
All of our hedgehogs are registered with the IHR (International Hedgehog Registry). I am a breeder member of the International Hedgehog Association and a member of the Hedgehog Breeders Alliance as well as being the Canadian Liaison for the Hedgehog Breeders Alliance.
I am also a rescue contact for the Hedgehog Welfare Society. http://www.hedgehogwelfare.org

Hedgehog Grove
Toronto GTA



Hedgehog Grove is a small and selective breeder located in the Toronto (GTA), Ontario, Canada.
Our goal is to raise not only healthy & happy hoglets but ones that are well socialized & hand tamed. We breed first & foremost for health and temperament.
Colors, unique pinto patterns and special facial markings are also our passion. From the standard Dark Grey’s to Chocolate and the lighter variety from Brown’s to Pale Apricots and other dilutes. We also specialize in Snowflakes, Pintos, Spilt Faces, White Faces, Patch Eyes and even Leucistic (completely pinto’d with black eyes).
All our babies get registered with IHR, we offer before & after support and all our babies come with a health guarantee and lifetime warranty against WHS.
We also sell the Carolina Storm & Carolina Storm Bucket Wheels, these are by far the best & safest plus quietest exercise wheel for hedgehogs.
Click here for more information

Bella HedgeHogs
Shauna Bella
2592 Weston Road
Toronto, ON M9W 4X8



breeding sweet lovable hoglets every few months. Its a one stop shop off the 401 highway @ Weston Rd. everything you need and more $250 will get you the hog of your choice, cage of your choice, food for a month , bowls for food & water, wheel (very important) bedding and more. Delivery free in GTA :) we also do hog sitting in our "pet hotel" $5/day

Hedgehog Ville
Valerie Ng
North York, Ontario


Hedgehog Ville is small selective breeder located in the G.T.A Ontario, Canada. Our goal is to provide you friendly, happy hedgehogs. We produce different colourings ranging from Greys, Pintos, Snowflakes, Whites, Albinos but our main passion is producing unique faced hedgehogs such as Split-face, Half-Mask, White Face, Patch Eyes, etc. We offer pre and post support for all of our hedgehog clients forever. :)

Prickles & Giggles
Preston, ON


I'm a retired registered breeder who still breeds quality hedgehogs for pure enjoyment. Just can't imagine my life with out my prickly little sweethearts.They are very spoiled here. All my babies are hand tamed and held by me personally and have the sweetest little temperaments as I breed for temperament and health. All have known bloodlines. IHA registered.

Curious Quills Hedgehogs
Rachel and Mike Greiner
Burlington, ON



Looking for a new hedgie to add to your life? We have a small herd of hedgehogs that are snuggled regularly. Like many other conscientious hedgehog breeders we breed for good temperament and health. Our breeding hedgies have known bloodlines and are IHA registered. Application form available on our site.

Hedgie Whisperers
Burlington, Ontario


We are hobby breeders who breed for friendly temperaments, colouring and quality hedgehogs. Our herd is continuously updated with new breeders and colours. We pride ourselves on our variety of colouring available. Each hedgehog is as unique as the next and just as much fun as an alternate pet.

Ontario Exotics
Matt Scott

Hamilton, Ontario


A small hobby herd specializing in less common patterns and colours including Snowflakes and Dilutes.

Karen Greathead

Cambridge, Ontario


Handled daily from 2 weeks.Colours salt and pepper,black eyed whites,snowflakes,pintos.

Paul Butt
Sudbury, Ontario


Here at pauls hodge hogs we have many great hedge hogs we also have many colours from albino,leucistic,cinimon,salt&pepper,and caramel and others to come the goal here is to provide the customer with a great pet Well making sure ower hogs are healthy,strong,and ready for there new home.

Kailey Giffen

Barrie, Ontario


mylilhedgies is a small breeder located on the outskirts of Barrie Ontario. Our goal is to always offer friendly and healthy hedgehogs, we handle our babies from a week old until the time they are ready to leave for their new homes. we also offer a large range of colors.


Élevage passion hérisson
Josée Lapierre

Sacré-Coeur, QC
418 236-9432


Éleveure de hérissons africains depuis 2006
Africans hedgehogs breeder since 2006
St-Aime, Monteregie (near Sorel)

Je suis eleveure depuis 2006 et mon mot d'ordre est la qualite, non la quantite. Tous mes bebes viennent avec leur pedigree et des garanties (21 jours pour les mites, 3 mois pour la sante et a vie pour le wobbly). Ils seront enregistres a l;International Hedgehog Registry, tout comme mes autres herissons. Ils sont manipules quotidiennement, avec amour, des leur deuxieme semaine de vie (quelques fois avant quand maman me le permet) et sont habitues a la presence d'enfants et de chiens. Je reste disponible et tout temps apres la vente, afin de repondre a toutes vos questions.

I have been breeding since 2006 and my motto is quality, not quantity. All of my babies come with pedigree, and a guarantee (21 days for mites, 3 months on health, and lifetime on WHS. They are IHR registered, like my own hedgehogs. They are handled daily, with love, from their second week of life (sometimes before when mom lets me) all are accustomed to the presence of children and dogs. I am always available after the sale to answer any and all questions.

Coeur à Pic
Evelina Moniz

488 ch. de la savane
Le Gardeur, QC
H1N 2Y8


Élevage KC Exotics
Kim Claxton

700 rue Brooks
Bury, QC
J0B 1J0

We are a newly established hobby breeder located in the Eastern Townships, QC. We breed quality hedgehogs, to make great pets. Many different colors and facial markings available

Spike House
Raymond & Vanessa
2191 rue de saint-exupery
Montreal, QC


We have 2 years of experience in hedgehog breeding. We give you the most affectionate hedgehogs of Montreal. They are fed with the top quality food, comfort and love. Our spike balls come with pedigree, and a guarantee (21 days for mites, 3 months on health, and lifetime on WHS. They are handled daily with lots of love and care!

Élevage Hérisson Picotine
Isabelle Major
204 F.Béland
Gatineau, QC
J8R 1G3


Bienvenue à notre élevage familial du hérisson africain à ventre blanc! Nous sommes situés dans la région de l'Outaouais, plus précisément à Gatineau, tout près d'Ottawa. Chaque petit est manipulé dès sa deuxième semaine de vie. Nous tenons à offrir des hérissons sociables qui sauront bien s'adapter à leur famille adoptive!

Julie et Michel
Chambly, QC
J3L 3B3


Nous sommes une famille tombée sous le charme des hérissons et nous avons décidé de partager notre passion avec d'autres. Les bébés sont enregistrés à l'IHA et manipulés à tous les jours dès l'âge de 2 semaines. Ils sont vendus avec un Pedigree et une garantie. We are located in the province of Quebec, in Gatineau city, few minutes from Ottawa.We are breeding hedgehog in a family environnement with a lot of love. Our babies are manipulated since their second week of life in order to get the most sociable hedghog.

La dame des piques
Kayla Meehan

5330 beatrice rd
rawdon, QC


New Brunswick

La Maison aux Hérissons
Sonia Braddon

4943 route 160
Pont Landry, NB


Nova Scotia

Paulette Boston
New Germany, NS

902 644 2907


Hedgehog Lodge is home to happy, healthy hedgehogs. All my hedgies receive regular vet care, and are provided with toys, and activities to enhance their lives. I also have rescue, educational and therapy pet programs. With 8 yrs experience I am happy to provide and share information and general advice to others, however, I DO NOT have any formal veterinarian training, and therefore do not give out medical advice.


No listings at present

Prince Edward Island

No listings at present


No listings at present


No listings at present 



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